Kings Ark Online

    1. **Kings Ark is a dedicated boosted PVPVE server on PC and we are looking for new members to join in on the fun. We have tons of space left to grow! *!

We have alot of new things to add to the game such as New dinos, Clothing,Currencies,weapons, structures,Boats,ships,home decor and such

Server is kinda heavily modded so its gonna take a couple of minutes to get in the game.
i recommend to download the mods first and then get in the server.
Map : TheVolcano ~ Ragnarok[coming real soon.]



Were looking for admins to help build this community .
looking for those who can build , host events , and help when needed.
Also looking for tribe members to adventure with :D

Server IP :

Server Owner Discord : KingGucciAzulay #0344

Discord :


-Help each other out when you can. We are a community and it's nice to see everyone work together when wars aren't breaking out.

-Try to keep rich resource zones free from buildings

-Give other tribes enough space to grow. Don't claim areas right next to other tribes unless your working together.

-Trash talking is allowed, but don't go ape crazy on each other. It is a game after all.

-If there's a problem you can't solve message the server or reach out to an admin.

  • No Racism.

Community events:

The server is relatively new still. Events are being planned and structures for those events will be made. Stay updated here or in the discord server.

-Combat arena (Human) open betting

-Combat arena (Tames) open betting

-Combat arena (Wild Dino's) open betting

-Combat arena (Friendly battles) no betting

-Dino racing (Server selected prizes)

Server Stats: (Subject to change at times.)

-Experience set at 10X

-Taming set at 15X

-Harvesting set at 10X

Other stats are boosted and will be posted.

Taming :
Taming on this server can be done 2 diffrent ways .
the vanilla way.
Or the immersive taming way.
Example :

Timezone: - Server is based in America


-We try to keep the server running non-stop. Sometimes it maybe down due to updates for the game. Those are resolved as soon as possible.. Please be patient if you ever see the server is down!

-Any other information necessary here will be added. Don't be afraid to ask any questions as they will be answered!

My Personal Base on the server :

Thanks for stopping by! We hope to see you on the server to hang out and to enjoy an awesome game! Happy Surviving!